About Eugenia


Hi, I’m Eugenia!

I’ve been a successful technology journalist in the past, and these days, I’m an artist. But my life has been one of pain. Shortly after I moved to the US, I became ill. For 10 years, I didn’t know what was causing my many symptoms, and doctors couldn’t figure it out either.

Only when I finally decided to take my fate in my own hands, in September of 2011, I managed to fix my health. I started with the SCD diet, and then shortly after, I followed with the Paleo diet. All of my symptoms subsided (but didn’t disappear), and I felt ┬áso rejuvenated, that my art flourished.

Being on the Paleo diet for exactly 5 years didn’t completely fix me. I am still overweight, and my various symptoms come back to me once a week or so. Of course, that’s much better than being in pain all day long as I was in the past, but still, it could get better. Especially since my labs have taken a nose dive.

I became disillusioned with Paleo’s high fat and high protein diet, particularly since my Mediterranean ancestors lived a mostly-vegetarian life. So, now, I’m back to my roots, with the Pegan diet: a high raw, lower fat, mainly vegetarian diet, with some seafood, and very little land animal protein. And as Paleo dictates: grains are out (except some rice once a week), vegetable oils are out, and sugar is out.

This is My Pegan Life.