About Eugenia


Hi, I’m Eugenia!

I’ve been a successful technology journalist in the past, and these days, I’m an artist. But my life has been one of pain. Within a month of getting married and moving to the US, I became ill. For [exactly] 10 years, I didn’t know what was causing my many symptoms, and doctors couldn’t figure it out either. It left me childless, at near-death with tons of auto-immune problems, and with a super-rare (benign) tumor that 4 major surgeons passed on operating on (thank God for that Stanford professor who took a massive risk but successfully operated on me)!

When I finally decided to take my fate on my own hands in September of 2011, I managed to fix my health. I started with the SCD diet, and then shortly after, I followed with the then-trendy Paleo diet. My symptoms subsided (but didn’t disappear), and I felt so rejuvenated that my art somehow flourished.

Being on the Paleo diet for 5 years didn’t completely fix me though. I was still overweight (unlike all these people who lost weight on the lifestyle, I didn’t), and my various symptoms were coming back once or twice a week. Of course, that was much better than being in pain all day long and unable to leave the house for 10 years, but still, it could get better.

So eventually I became disillusioned with Paleo’s high protein diet, particularly since my Mediterranean ancestors lived a mostly-vegetarian life. So now, I’m back to my roots, with the so-called Pegan diet: low carb but high raw veggies, moderate fats, some seafood & pastured eggs, but less land animal protein (mostly in the form of offal and bone broth). Of course, grains are out (except some rice, rarely), vegetable industrial oils are out, and all sugar is out. Small quantities of legumes are in, since my gut seems to need them to function properly.

In September of 2017 I became much more strict with my lifestyle (both via calorie restriction and changes in my daily life) while at my trip to my motherland, Greece. I lost 32 lbs, and for the first time in almost 17 years, I went for almost 2 months without a single flare! Life looks bright again!

This blog is just a visual diary of what I cook at home. For my personal blog, where I write my most deep thoughts, check here.