An 800 calorie program

Counting calories doesn’t work, the Paleo and Ketogenic people would tell you. Well, I’ve been Paleo since 2011, and I haven’t lost any significant amount of weight. I’ve found most of my health back alright, but in terms of weight, it just never worked for me (even with exercise). Going paleo-ketogenic in 2012 almost killed my thyroid too, and fats never satiated me anyway (and I was already fat adapted at the time, supposedly, since I was already on Paleo for months at the time). The only thing that makes me lose weight is a low calorie diet. Call me a heretic, but that’s how it is for me.

Here’s a daily 800-calorie program that has the right macros and nutrition: 25 gr of fiber (to make sure your metabolism doesn’t slow down as much), 77 gr of net carbs, 20 gr of fat, 1:1 O3-to-O6, 60 gr of protein (best for moderate to low activity lifestyle), and buttloads of B12.

Overall, that’s about 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) of food per day, which should satiate anyone with moderate activity. Plus, it’s the right kind of food, which doesn’t spike the blood sugar, like whole grains (that surprisingly find their way in other VLCD diets).

2 boiled eggs (pastured), salt & pepper
100 gr of kiwi (or peach, or plum, or pear)
50 gr of shredded carrot
Herbal tea

100 gr rinsed/drained kidney beans (or canellini beans, or home-cooked lentils)
100 gr tomato (or romaine lettuce)
100 gr cucumber with sea salt
20 gr raw onion
70 gr of kale
real lemon juice for the salad
half a case of 2% Greek yogurt (aprox 80 gr)
Herbal tea

100 gr of boiled oysters (boiled by you) (or wild salmon, sardines, or chicken liver/hearts)
100 gr of boiled asparagus (or cauliflower, or broccoli, or cabbage)
100 gr tomato (or romaine lettuce, or spinach)
100 gr cucumber (or celery)
50 gr of shredded carrot (or boiled rutabaga)
real lemon juice for the salad
90 gr blackberries
Herbal Tea

Other: 3 liters of mineral, fluoride-free water, at least

Supplementation (unfortunately, it’s needed): magnesium (before bed), B-complex (with real folate instead of folic acid in it), D3 5000 IU (mornings), vitamin E, K2 Mk-4, and CoQ10 Ubiquinol. I take each of these 3 times a week, no more than that. I stay away from multivitamins, since they give you a lot of what you already get from food, and none of what you don’t normally get (e.g. K2).


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