More fruits and veggies

I got some blood test results back, and neither my B12, liver or lipids looked good. Consider that after 5 years on Paleo (eating also offal), I should have buttloads of B12. But nope! I’m actually anemic due to it!

And my lipids are even worse than they were in 2012. Quite obviously, plain highish-fat Paleo, just doesn’t work for me. I will always follow the Paleo advice of not eating grains, sugar, or processed oils, but not including legumes, lots of fruits, rice, fermented dairy, and white potatoes, doesn’t sit well with me. Not anymore. My gut needs the starch, and this has been evident since I switched to Pegan less than a month ago.


So now I start my day with lots of whole fruits or a smoothie (I limit smoothies to once a day only, due to having acellular carbs when mashed — bad for you in the long run).


Tonight, I prepared some Greek spinach pie, with kale and chard from my own garden. I added no feta cheese or olive oil as the recipe demands, I only added the various greens and rice.