One of my favorite foods, are crabcakes. Here’s the version I use. Fat-free and vegan versions are included below.


Ingredients (makes 4-5 large crabcakes)
* 1 egg (optional)
* 1-2 small cans of real crab meat (or a can of jackfruit for vegan)
* 1 tpoons of home-made mayonaise
* 1 tspoon mustard
* paprica or chili powder to taste
* salt & pepper to taste
* 2 Tbspoons of olive or avocado oil (omit for fat-free)
* 1 medium potato
* 1.5 cups of chopped vegetables that consists with any of:
– onion
– carrot
– celery
– green pepper
– red pepper
– peas
– 1 clove of garlic
– parsley or cilantro

1. Peel and cut the potato into small cubes. Start frying them in medium heat, until 75% done. Stir often. For a fat-free version, just add a bit of water instead of oil.

2. Add the chopped veggies and cook everything until about 80% done. Main objective here is to remove their water than completely cook them.

3. Remove from pan, set aside, let cool. Add the crab meat in the pan, until most liquid has evaporated from it too. Set aside too, separately from the veggies.

4. Add the veggies into the food processor, and process them lightly until in “rice” consistency.

5. Add everything in a large bowl (crab, veggies, spices, mayo, mustard). Here, you can optionally add an egg too.

6. Work the mixture with your hands for 20 seconds, and then shape it like small burgers.


8. In a large frying pan pour a tbspoon of olive or avocado oil and heat it up in a medium heat. Using a spatula transfer your cakes to the pan to fry. For the fat-free version, simply transfer them in your oven on 350 F, for 15 minutes or so, turning once (use a baking sheet and parchment paper).

9. In the frying version, after about 3-4 minutes or after it’s gotten golden brown, turn the cakes around carefully, and cook for another 3-4 minutes — or until golden brown.

10. Serve hot, with tartar sauce or mayo, and with vegetables of your choice.

Note: For a vegan version, use half a can of jackfruit instead of crab: rinse and drain the jackfruit, remove and discard the triangle stem, and on step 3, cook with some water for 10 minutes on the pan until that has completely evaporated. Add it in the food processor along the veggies in step 4. The rest is the same.